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Patch 5 and Event ID 577

So I have quite a few questions actually.  A little while back we were noticing that our computers on the enterprise were getting numerous Event ID 577 errors within the security logs.  When I say numerous I am talking about hundreds within a few seconds typically 3-4 a second.  For some odd reason the software folks thought it would be a good idea to apply HIPS Patch 5 to our machines and found this corrected the issue.  Here is the first question, what exactly is patch 5 patching?  Second, why would this correct the error?  Now we are running HIPS 4.0 on all clients and servers but the ePO only has patch 3.  Next question is will this create any issues between ePO and client or will it work without issues in communication in the future?  Currently it does not seem to be causing any issues what so ever.  Our ePO is currently patch 3 due to the lack of driver upgrades on our servers as patch 5 shutdown a good portion of our servers because the drivers werent up to date.  Any help is extremely appreciated and thanked immensley.

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Re: Patch 5 and Event ID 577


To get an understanding as to what are the new features/fixes in HIPS Patch 5.0, Please check this out :-

Just so that you are aware, The latest patch available for HIPS is Patch 7. Check out this URL to know more about it :-

ePo. I Suggest you upgrade to the latest version. Which is 4.5.
If I were you , I would try and have a uniform patching environment across my network but due to the issues with the drivers, I would try and see what is the best I can settle for.
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