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McAfee NDIS Intermediate Filter Miniport Is blocking the entire traffic

Hello people I wish you can help me with this weird issue

I have been experimenting this issue in a random network enviroments in a random machines I mean different operative systems in my own networn and in customers network.
The problem is at certain point I get this network adapter with the warning exclamation in the device manager under the network adapter
saying McAfee NDIS Intermediate Filter Miniport is not properly because windoes cant load the required drivers for this device.

I trayed everything there is a knowledge base article wich talk about a bit of how to uninstall this minifilter but I cant complete all the steps in the article and the problem still happening the knowledge base article is KB51676.

I also tryed to uninstall and reinstall HISP normally and manual form.
I tryed in safe mode and nothing.
I also make a case with mcafee gold support and tier 1 and 2 cant help me they ask me for MER and are taking forever to get a solution this is a big issue for me because the people who is experimenting this issue cant work.
In the past I have deal with this same issue but my only solution is to format the machine and reinstall everything and after that if I reinstalla HIPS works fine.
I am using ePO 4.0 patch 3 for the deployment
HIPS 7.0 patch 3 ( spanish languaje )
the operative system is Windows Vista buissness without service pack
Thanks for your help
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same thing

I've seen the same issue on XP sp3 and HIPS 7 p2. I ended up having to go into the adapter settings of each network interface and manually remove the feature from the general tab.

I also talked to a acquaintance at another large local company. He said that roughly have of their test deployment ended up having this issue. The got around it by deploying HIPS through active directory, but I'm not sure what they did to fix the broken clients. I'm currently investigating the same option.

I'd be very interested if anyone else has found a solution to this issue.
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Contact Info

Could you share me the information of the company or at least the email to contact them and ask what they do?
Because McAfee support as always closed my case without a concret answer they took days to take care of the case and we were force to format the computer
thank you for your help
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I'm sorry, but I honestly wouldn'y feel comfortable sharing that information. However if I make any headway on this issue or hear anything more from my contact I will post it to this thread.

My contact at the other company did say that after moving to the active directory installation process they haven't had anymore of the miniport driver issues.
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I would fully uninstall and reinstall with HIP 7.0 patch 4, available on McAfee downloads.

Search the McAfeeHip7_Install.log for 'firehk driver installation'.
If there are no errors in the next couple lines, you should see a 'installfirehk.bat completed'.

If not, you would look in the McAfeeHip7_NdisInstall.log and the setupapi.log for clues as to why this is failing. Search the logs for FireHk and try to match up the timestamps.

The HIP agent installer calls Microsoft SetupAPI to install the NDIS adapter.
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