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McAfee HIPS V7 and Pointsec Protector

Greetings! I am part of a large firm using HIPS V7 and Pointsec Protector in combination on our Windows XP clients. We've noticed on some of our client machines that on bootup it appears as though the McAfee HIPS product may be blocking Pointsec Protectors policy load. I understand in reading through various threads that HIPS loads very early in the boot process and the default setting just might cause this behavior to happen.

This is noticed immediately after a fresh bootup with WinXP, by right clicking on Pointsec Protector icon the FULL security settings are evidently applied as the full product menu appears just after bootup.

Then if I simply log the user off of that session of XP, then immediately log back in (no rebooting), the Pointsec Protector policy loads correctly (minimal menu appears on right click). This symptom occurs whether the computer is logged onto the network or not.

Depending upon the bootup sequence with XP, can HIPS cause these symptoms?

If so, I'm wondering how I might check on specifics of the load sequence?

Appreciate any feedback or guidance on this one. happy
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