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Is ENS FW Replacing HIPS?

I need to roll out a HIPS or HIDS solution, I started the process to roll out McAfee HIPS to our Linux Servers, but I just found out that HIPS will soon be end of life from a support technician over the phone. I am confused as to why McAfee sales and previous techs neglected to inform me of this. Is ens FW the viable replacement to McAfee HIPS? Is there any documentation to support this? I am in mid project and this has just threw a wrench in the timeline.

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Re: Is ENS FW Replacing HIPS?

The HIPS 8.0 End-of-Life date has not been announced yet, however, ENS is its successor.


NOTE: HIPS 8.0 for Linux has no Firewall functionality; it's Host IPS protection only.  Firewall functionality for Linux is covered by our McAfee Firewall 8.0 for Linux or (the newer) ENS 10.6 Firewall for Linux product.

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