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Intrushield - No right-click in threat analyzer

Hello all,

I'm hoping I can find a solution to a rather annoying inconvenience while managing my Intrushield IPS sensors from a Linux workstation.

I am running McAfee Internet Security Manager (includes hotfix for latest java version support)

Relevant workstation system details:
Linux (Debian Lenny) installation.
Firefox 3.0.6.
Sun Java 1.6.0_12.


Once I open the Internet Security Manager applet from my browser, and start up the Real-time Threat Analyzer, I can not get a right-click context menu to come up inside the alert viewer. Right-click simply does not work inside this app under the system mentioned above.

When I test this from a Windows XP SP3-based workstation, using Firefox 3.0.6, Sun Java 1.6.0_12, the right-click context menu comes up allowing me to acknowledge multiple alerts at once.

I would like to know if anyone else has a similar issue, or can reproduce this problem. If others see this same behavior, I'll send it up to our McAfee Gold support as a service ticket.

I would prefer, if at all possible, to continue my management from my linux workstation, as that is where I do all of my other network security-related tasks. If there is another way to acknowledge multiple alerts without the use of a right-click, I'd love to know. That feature is the only one I've encountered that does not function properly on my Linux workstation.

Thanks in advance...
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RE: Intrushield - No right-click in threat analyzer

Firefox is not supported to manage IntruShield. Unfortunately, you can only use IE with the IntruShield Manager. The problems experienced with Firefox usually come down to a javascript issue.
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