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Intrushield: Fail-Open kits

When we got out Intrushield, I insisted we get these as well, so that we could put them on our essential links and not worry about outages.

However, our experience has been iffy...

When they work, they work great, but when there is a problem, the kits are a big pain.

We have 3 x 4010 sensors. All our links go through these fail-open kits.

Our fibre is all done through an FMS, which requires cross-over fibre, but sometimes, because of the kits, we have to (VERY CAREFULLY) slice open the connector for the SFP fibre connected in order to "swap" the fibres back into straight through.

Some of the kits are connected to one brand of firewall and bringing the kits online/offline doesn't cause issues. But with another brand of firewall (we have 2 layers and diff brands), bringing the kits online or offline actually causes the firewalls to "fail-over" themselves (it's an active passive firewall). This actually breaks sessions on that firewall.

But at the same time, once we get a good combination of fibres for a link, it seems to work pretty well.

Has anyone else used these? What's your experience been like? Any idea if the fibre included with the kits is straight-through or cross-over?

We'd like shorter fibre cables, but we need to know WHAT we need so we can custom order them.

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