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Internet rules


I'am just started with McAfee  solutions and I set up McAfee HIPS 8.0 in test environnement. I created a rule based on tusted network coporate to allow all protocols when the laptop is connected on the Corporate Network and it's done.

But I would like to configure the firewall to allow only Internet access (navigation) when an employee is outside of Corporate network (like home connexion for example or Wifi public access) and allow web site like or for example but other access like rdp or cifs must be blocked when the laptop is not connected on my coporate network

Which rule I must create on my firewall to add and configure rules to allow only this access when an employee is not connected in the coporate Network ? Could you help me for this task ?

Many thanks

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Re: Internet rules

I've moved your thread to the Host IPS area. Hopefully an expert will chime in soon.

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Re: Internet rules

Please refer to the HIPS 8.0 documentation (page 55) regarding Location Aware Groups. 

PD22894 - Host Intrusion Prevention 8.0 for ePO 4.5 Product Guide

  • You can create a Location Aware Group and rules to be used when the system is in the "Corporate Network". 

  • When the system is not on the Corporate Network, then any rules below the Location Aware Group will be used when the system is NOT connected to the "Corporate Network".

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