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How to uninstall "orphan" HIPS 6.x

An interesting conundrum...

Fairly new to the place I'm working in, and I ended up inheriting a botched ePO install.

Among other things, it was on an unstable server, complete with a roll out of HIPS to workstations done without the management piece [?!]. Yes, the HIPS client installs are uncontrolled. A server rebuild was found to be required (a pending HDD failure).

Then it registered on me that the original server name had an underscore - installation of ePO4 was impossible using the old name in any event.

So with a new OS install plus a server name change, the existing agents were "orphaned" and the current (uncontrolled) HIPS installs even more so.

The good news is that I've been able to slowly work through agent reinstalls and upgrades. Now I'd like to figure out a method (using ePO4 if possible) of uninstalling as many HIPS 6.1 setups as possible before rolling out 7.0

Question is, without recourse to the previous ePO setup (which was 3.6 anyway, running on 2K), how do I uninstall HIPS 6.1 (without having to boot into Safe Mode, machine by machine)?

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RE: How to uninstall "orphan" HIPS 6.x

If CMA is still running, you can attach the nodes to the new ePO server and upgrade them to 7.0. No uninstall is necessary.

You could also try pushing a new CMA install to the nodes and regain control.
The alternative is to boot into safe mode and....

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