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How to HIPs 7.x disable self protect mode from EPO server

I am looking to remove HIPs on a wide range of PCs. How can HIPs 7.x disable self protect mode from the EPO server? Right now in order to remove HIPs the console needs to be unlocked, but i am trying to disable that feature.


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Re: How to HIPs 7.x disable self protect mode from EPO server

Since nobody answered this post, I will.

To remove HIPS, you can do it many ways. The most efficient way would be the following:

1. Create a non-criteria based tag called "Uninstall HIPS"

2. Create a client task with the following parameters: From system tree, Select client tasks tab, select new task, Name it, select type: product deployment, tags: set the tag criteria to uninstall HIPS, under configuration section and products and components, select your HIPS product, action: Remove, make the schedule run immediately or daily depending on your preference.

3. Tag the system you want HIPS uninstalled from with the Uninstall HIPS tag.

Another way to remove HIPS is assign an IPS policy that has has IPS disabled to the systems you want HIPS removed. Perform a Wake-up agent for those systems. Then you can manually remove HIPS from each system or you can use a batch file to run a script removing them using the uninstall Registry key. Again, many ways to perform this...

I hope this answered your question

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