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How many of you are here because this thing called "HBSS" is giving you problems?

We need to help each other out...

When HIPS works as intended, it works great. It blocks things from happening which breaks functionalilty (and makes users angry), but we can look at the log and either add an exception or create a firewall rule to allow the traffic through and the problems are resolved within minutes.

But I've found more than a few times where no events are generated and nothing useful shows up in the log files, but disabling HIPS makes the problem go away.

How many of you have come across these types of problems? And have you followed up with McAfee (I usually see a comment suggesting to open a ticket with McAfee support or generate a MER report)? If so, were they able to resolve the issue? Can anyone share their stories? I'm interested to learn what the root causes of any of these problems are where HIPS is breaking something, but not reporting why.

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