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How does Bootup quarantine in HIPS 7.x work?


we are thinking about the Boot up quarantine function that is introduced in HIPS version 7.x. The purpose for the function is to restrict traffic at boot up, before the firewall drivers has been loaded.

Now - does anyone have a clue how HIPS is blocking traffic before the drivers are loaded? I mean then it must be some other mechanism stopping traffic. But how/what?


Mikael Fryksten
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RE: How does Bootup quarantine in HIPS 7.x work?

Host IPS loads very early in the boot process and blocks before other processes/drivers have loaded.
The details are proprietary.

If you dig into the windows boot process, you'll be able to get a picture of what's going on.

This blocking only happens for a short while the firewall driver is loading. Once the firewall driver is loaded and running, it can take over filtering the traffic.
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