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Host Intrustion Prevention 8.0 Installation


I'm looking for information regarding HIPS deployment using a tool outside of ePO.  What I'm looking for specifically is command line arguments for things like suppressing restarts and keeping the installer silent.

Within the package, there are several installers including






Most of the documentation that I see is asking to use ***_ClientSetup.exe but I can't find command lines anywhere outside of SUPPRESSREBOOT=1



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McAfee Employee

Re: Host Intrustion Prevention 8.0 Installation

1. McAfeeHIP_ClientSetup.exe must be used to install HIPS; using other files (specifically the .MSI files to install HIPS is not supported and can cause install failures).  See HIPS 8.0 Installation Guide.

PD22891 - Host Intrusion Prevention 8.0 Installation Guide

2. The McAfeeHIP_ClientSetup.exe installer is already hard-coded to run silently.

3. The McAfeeHIP_ClientSetup.exe installer is has no available command line switches (outside of ePO deployment).

4. There are a few switches available if running via ePO Deployment task only.

PD25947 - Host Intrusion Prevention 8.0.0 Patch 5 Release Notes

During an upgrade from Host Intrusion Prevention 7.0, if the 7.0 NDIS fails to uninstall, the installer automatically restarts the system after 10 minutes. To change this behavior, add options to the Command line field in the Product Deployment Task:

• To change the default timeout value: REBOOTINSECONDS=xxx

• To disable the automatic reboot: BYPASSREBOOT=1

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Re: Host Intrustion Prevention 8.0 Installation

We leverage Microsoft ConfigMgr to handle deployment of this app.  I've always used McAfeeHIP_ClientSetup.exe with no switches and have never had a machine reboot as a result of running the executable (we leverage ConfigMgr to handle/force the reboot).