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Host Intrusion Prevention v8.0?

Hi there,

I've been going through McAfee product documentation website. Under Host Intrusion Prevention, it lists Host Intrusion Prevention v8.0 though there are no documents. is there a version 8 in the roadmap?

Update:McAfee® Host IPS 7.0.5 Extension Release Notes mentions "This new Extension is required for successful migration to Host IPS 8.0" What's going on? What are the new features and benefits?



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McAfee Employee

Re: Host Intrusion Prevention v8.0?

HIPS 8.0 is tentatively scheduled to release in Q4 2010.

The HIPS 7.0.5 extension release notes described what fixes and features were added.  The HIPS 8.0 features will be posted when the product and it's documentation are released.

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Re: Host Intrusion Prevention v8.0?

Also, HIPS 8.0 is in beta now.  If you are interested in trying it out, please contact your McAfee rep.

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