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HIPs does not show in client task list

I just checked in hips 8 and it's extentions in epo 4.6, but when I go to create a new task to deploy it, it's not in the list of products.  but I did notice that hips 7.0 exstention was installed and I removed it.

Any thoughts why hips 8 is not in the list of products.

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McAfee Employee

Re: HIPs does not show in client task list

The ePO extensions for Host IPS just manage the product configuration.  To deploy the product, you'll need to install the deployment package (HostIPS_Client800LML.Zip) into the ePO Master Repository.

See page 35 (Installing the Windows client remotely) of the installation guide.

PD22891 - Host Intrusion Prevention 8.0 Installation Guide

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