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HIPS unable to install on XP

Unable to install HIPS module on XP workstation.

It is hardened lately as per Gold Disk and current STIG.

MA, ABM, VSE, Antispyware has been installed and working with no issues.

Firewall is turned off. File/Print Share is turned on.

Any help is appreciated.

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Level 7

Re: HIPS unable to install on XP

I had/have the same problem with a few workstations, including my own.  A few days ago I decided to download an earlier build of HIPS 7.0.  I manually loaded (not a push from ePO) it onto my workstation.  It loaded and ran just fine over the weekend.  Today I uninstalled it via Add/Remove Programs.  I then rebooted my workstationf (or good measure).  Once my workstation was ready, I then created a task in ePO to push our latest version HIPS 7.0.0.  It loaded without any problems.  I had been trying a lot of stuff for a few weeks.  This was the only thing to work.

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Re: HIPS unable to install on XP

I am not a product expert but I have moved your post to the HIPs area. Hopefully someone can help you soon.

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Re: HIPS unable to install on XP

How about getting the McAfeeHIP_Install.log from the c:\windows directory for review?

Also get the McAfeeHIP7_NDISInstall.log from c:\windows\temp

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