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HIPS slowing down applications

So I have a pretty specific issue that I'm hoping i can get some insite into. We are upgrading from HIPS 7 to HIPS 8 and I am running into some odd issues. It seems that our servicedesk (VMware Service Manager) is slowing down dramatically on my HIPS 8 systems. I wasn't seeing any blocks so I made a rule to allow the vsm service to communicate to the vsm server wide open (any protical/any port). However this does not seem to help. HIPS 7 did not have these isuses and when I completly uninstall HIPS 8 on the problem systems the vsm concole works correctly. I am at a loss as to what in HIPS would be slowing applications. Thoughts?

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McAfee Employee

Re: HIPS slowing down applications

I would start with this troubleshooting.

KB54960 - How to isolate a suspect component in Host IPS

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