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HIPS deployment and Policies applied

Hello Everyone

We have come across a couple of issues when Deploying HIPS. We are using the newer version with Patch 2 and we are using ePO 4.5 just for ref.

We deploy HIPS through ePO  via a deployment task  which works, no issues at all.

The problem we have is that on a couple of Laptop dfevices that had HIPS deployed, Once out of the office they were unable to connect to any other network e.g. WIFI  or wired connection. It was almost like that the deployment had completed, but no configured policies were applied.

Is there any way we can check which version of the policies have been applied and when during the deployment process do the configured policies get applied..

Not great as the 2 devices belonged to senior exec's and they have been out of the office since without network connectivity. On one device we have to end up removing HIPS before the outside network connectivity would function correctly.

Thanks in advanced


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