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HIPS blocks outgoing traffic as incoming

We are seeing some random issues on a handful of our servers, at different times.  The issues have the same behavior: HIPS starts blocking outgoing connections(Database, DNS, etc).  When checking the HIPS logs it shows the traffic pattern as backwards.

For example we have a web server(Windows 2012R2 virtual), all outgoing traffic is allowed.  It can normally make a call to our database server(Windows 200R2 - no firewall).  Source port on the web server is a random high port, destination port on the SQL server is 1433.  When the issue is occurring we see logs similar to below(I masked the IP):

Time: 06/07/2018 10:25:25 PM
Event: Traffic
IP Address: XXX.XXX.XXX.134
Message: Blocked Incoming TCP - Source XXX.XXX.XXX.134 : (1433) Destination XXX.XXX.XXX.148 : (60354)
Matched Rule: Block all traffic


As you can see this appears to be seeing the connection as initiating from the SQL server.  Once we rebooted the web server everything was back to normal.  This happens on 2-3 servers at random times.  I figure one of 2 things is happening: 1) McAfee has an issue where it sees outgoing traffic as incoming. 2) The return connection from the destination is being seen as a new connection, rather than open.


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