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HIPS and Hotfix 5

We are trying to figure out how HIPS HF 5 was deployed without a task (using EPO 4.0). So my question is, HF 5 considered a "patch" or Content? Example, if you go into Client Tasks, and click on one of your tasks, you see two options for selected packages

1. Signatures and engines

2. Patches and service packs

So my question is HF 5 considered "engine/content" or Patch?
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RE: HIPS and Hotfix 5

There's HIPS with patch 5 included and HIPS patch 5 only. What do you have in you repository? If standalone plus patch 5 then patch should be deployed through patches/service packs option. Or do you observe anything else?

Seems it works as expected in my case ...

Stand alone Patch

It is the stand alone patch 5. That is why we are confused. We setup a deployment task for one computer to have it installed on boot up. Next thing we know, next day all 1300 resources have patch 5 installed.

Now we went through the client tasks, and made sure all HIPS related Patches and service packs where unchecked. So we are still confused as to why patch 5 got deployed. Thanks for the quick response.
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