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(a)I'm currently having issues with having HIPS install successfully on windows. After tagging machines in ePo and waiting two to seven days, I've noticed HIPS has not been installed on the selected machines. So I remote into a couple of machines with the same issues, stop and restart services and still the issues remain to stay the same. In some cases I've uninstalled and reinstalled the McAfee agent collect and send props and HIPS still isn't installed. Is there a fix to this issue with out having to reimage a machine?

(b) windows could not start mcafee shield  services on local computer

error 1068: The dependency service or group filed to start

question: is there a fix to this?

(C) VSE: On access scan disabled is there a fix for this ?

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a) I would trace the installation starting with the McAfee Agent log and seeking the section where it starts the HIPS installation cient task, if it says successfull, then I would seek the actual MSI log file that were produced locally on client as a result of the HIPS installation. this log file should contain any error that might have occurred.

b) Usually the windows log file shows what dependenciy service did not start and why, if not I would say the dependency service file is missing.

c) OAS is disabled, first I would seek any McLogEvt entry in Windows Applicaton log. Otherwise I would Repair the product from Add/REmove Programs.

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