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HIPS Firewall is still blocking ICMP after uninstallation

I recently uninstalled HIPS 7 p8 manually from a Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition x86 (32 bit) server using  the instructions found here: but the firewall is still blocking ICMP.  The NIC IP settings are in place and correct but a IPCONFIG returns nothing.  All of the registry settings are gone, the drivers have been deleted and I ran the msizap to complete the uninstallation.  We cannot connect to this server except via the rack mounted KVM  Has anybody seen this issue before?

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McAfee Employee

Re: HIPS Firewall is still blocking ICMP after uninstallation

Make sure the NDIS drivers have been removed (Device Manager -> Show Hidden Devices -> Network Adapters -> McAfee NDIS Intermediate Filter drivers).  Reboot the server after manual removal.  After that, HIPS is removed and would not blocking any more traffic, since the NDIS drivers and Firewall component is removed.

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