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HIPS 8 patch 6 - Server 2012 R2 Firewall and HIPS firewall conflict

I have HIPS 8 firewall running but it is not registering with server 2012 R2. It shows that both firewalls are running. Some IP addresses are processed by windows firewall and some are processed by HIPS firewall.

I found this when trying to deploy windows SCCM client. Address all  worked fine. When I got to .11 I got stuck troubleshooting it. I disabled everything HIPS related but it still wouldn't work. Wireshark showed packets coming in but nothing going out. I added a windows firewall rule (because it is still running), and I was able to deploy the client to .11. This issue has surfaced on other systems as well; sometimes one connection will be filtered by windows and other connections will be filtered by mcafee.

Windows 8.1 shows that the firewall is being managed by McAfee. Server 2008 R2 shows the firewall is disabled.

Server 2012 R2 shows both windows and mcafee are running and it appears they are stepping on each other.

I saw a KB for a hotfix but that seems to relate to patch 2. I am currently running patch 6 Build Number

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