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HIPS 8 -- Upgrade fails


i'm testing McAfee HIP 8 with EPO 5.1.

All my testing agents are in HIP build number:

I'm trying to upgrade to version: --> all upgrade fail. Task doesn't tell me what is the pb.

So my question is: what would be the requirement (because i think that is the pb) to make the upgrade. I don't see in the doc.. (maybe didn't see correctly ;-)

(is there a solution to have the task more talkative ?)a

Has someone the same pb ?



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Re: HIPS 8 -- Upgrade fails

Just downloaded patch "" from McAfee.

It works when i launch it manually.

Tried to store this patch in EPO: in the extension i have an error without any explanation.

When i check in the package in the master repository, i have no error.

But deployment still in error... (i just verified my task... The good product is selected:

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Re: HIPS 8 -- Upgrade fails

Sounds like your client task is just configured incorrectly. I am not sure how the are configured in 5.1, but you should be setting up a Product Update task and specifying Patches and Service packs for HIPS 8.0.0 product. You might also try looking at the schedule and modifying your Schedule Type (Run immediately vs At system startup, etc). Also check all the basic things, like making sure the task is configured on the container the systems are actually in, the task is enabled, there are no tags preventing software from being installed on those systems, etc.

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