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HIPS 8 -- Corrupt Installation, Reboot Loop / Failed Install


Trying to redeploy HIPS to a machine that once had it installed, but was removed for troubleshooting purposes.

The HIPS install is continuously asking for a reboot, but does not appear to install successfully (Add Remove Programs / ePo do not recognize it). Files are created in Program Files/McAfee/Host Intrusion Prevention and subsequently removed. HIPS install log looks okay to me, but I'm not entirely sure what to be looking for..

I've tried deleting McAfeeHIP_Reboot under C:\Windows but it just keeps getting recreated.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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Re: HIPS 8 -- Corrupt Installation, Reboot Loop / Failed Install

I had a very similar issue on some Windows 7 computers, and our users were prompted to reboot after each failed attempt to install HIP (which I eventually told them to ignore ).

The HIP install logs are really verbose, so I got assistance from McAfee Support who identified the issue as KB77740 - Deployment of Host Intrusion Prevention 8.x fails on some systems running Windows 7 ( This relates to a Windows setting which limits the number of "network filter drivers" and the value is stored under [HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Network]

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