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HIPS 7 won't install (deploy)


Managing about 5000 systems, we use VSE 8.5i mostly. On about 1000 systems we also use HIPS 7.

The thing I don't understand is, there are some (est. about 2%) systems on which HIPS will not install. It's either install fail or it seems to install but doesn't work.
In some instances it causes so much problems that we have to (manually) remove it and not reinstall it, which violates our security policy for those systems.

If I take my own systems(*), HIPS works fine on my laptop but will not install on my desktop. I tried for days and it keeps failing in the install but I don't see anything specific in the logs.

Today, a user calls, we already reinstalled his laptop twice... this time the agent doesn't seem to connect to the ePO server. We check and again HIPS doesn't seem to respond.

Anyone has any idea ?


(*) I'm glad for once I can experiment what the users usually report by phone...
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RE: HIPS 7 won't install (deploy)

There are a couple things you can check. First, check the Agent log by browsing to it:


You can also try restarting the agent, performing a wakeup call, and also a superagent wakeup call. It's possible the superagent pushing out HIPS cannot connect to it.

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RE: HIPS 7 won't install (deploy)

Hi Steve,

Sorry I was long reacting, I was out of town Smiley Wink

Thanks for your response and suggestions. Here are a few responses and additional info.

As a standard procedure, our firewalls will block connections to "http://system:8081/". The lucky point is this time the problem is also happening on my own PC so I can test and scratch head myself Smiley Very Happy

We presently don't use superagents, there's only my main ePO Server, so no "superagent push"... We also don't have Windows AD, so we don't do "push" in fact.

We install the agent manually (framepkg.exe) and the agent then does the pulls from the ePO server.

In this case, the agent is perfectly happy to install any agent update & upgrade for itself and VSE, but it won't install HIPS !

I checked in the logs and didn't find much. In MCScript_error.log I see :
E #4828 RcFile error 126: The specified module could not be found.
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