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HIPS 7 patch 2 and 3, "Driver not Installed"

We've seen a few computers (Windows XP Home and Pro at SP 2 and 3) pop up a HIPS 7 error after the install. In the system tray, the HIPS icon has a red circle/slash through it and it reads "Driver not installed". Anyone else seen this? There's no 3rd party/conflicting security apps on the PC and none of the computer appear to have a common thread between them. It appears to hit randomly.
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RE: HIPS 7 patch 2 and 3, "Driver not Installed"

I saw that on my PC, once Patch 3 was install HIPS started working. I dont have a further solution unfortunately.
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RE: HIPS 7 patch 2 and 3, "Driver not Installed"

Open a ticket with support. This has been seen before.

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