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Level 7

HIPS 7 has stopped me using my Sonos..

Had HIPS installed on a work laptop today (although I have local admin access to it).

I just ran up my Sonos software and it couldn't see my players.  I've just checked the activity log of HIPS and sure enough it's blocking the sonos.exe.  Seems excessive to block to me.

Unlocking the user interface requires a password - is that the only way to allow the sonos.exe access to the system?


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Level 13

Re: HIPS 7 has stopped me using my Sonos..

Hey sjw,

you should ask the people that manage the mcafee software to grant an exception on the mcafee server. even if you got the password and allowed the exe, chances are it will re-download the policy which blocks it from the server on a pretty frequent basis (like every 15 minutes) and you would be in the same situation.



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