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HIPS 7 blocking NetBEUI


Running VSE 8.7/HIPS 7 P4 on a couple of clients that need to run the protocoll NetBEUI for lab/measurement equipment.
TCP/IP is disabled/removed from the interface. Tried enable it as well. No luck.
Have disabled HIPS, but it still blocks NetBEUI. Only solution is to remove it.

Anyone know if there's a possibility to exclude that? Should it even block that? Does HIPS support NetBEUI or is it just blocking everything it doesn't know by default? Not so educated in the ways of the HIPS.

Not running McAfee Firewall function.

ePO 4 P4, MA4 P1, MAS 8.7i

Thanks in advance.
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Level 9

RE: HIPS 7 blocking NetBEUI

Did you get any replies on this ?

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