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HIPS 7.0 not installing on computer


I'm having an issue with HIPS 7.0 not installing on client computers. A little background about the computers, they were orginially controlled by a different HBSS server at a remote location and now a new one, in the same building with the computers, is being put in because this orginzation is no longer under control be the other orginzation that housed the HBSS server. The new HBSS server will have a new name, IP, ect.

The computers are no longer being controlled by the orginial server but they still have traces of CMA agent and HIPS 6.1. I can install the CMA agent onto the computer but it will not pull down the HIPS 7.0. I tried manuelly removing HIPS 6.1 but it still willl not install the HIPS 7.0. Would anyone have a resolution to this or an idea of what might help fix it?
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RE: HIPS 7.0 not installing on computer

Try searching for a pending reboot file on the HDD.
Also look in the HIP install log. It should tell you why the install is failing.

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RE: HIPS 7.0 not installing on computer

Which logs would you be refering too? When I did a search on logs on the client computer the only ones I could find were in Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\McAfee\Common Framework\Db the log was named agent_(name of my computer).log. If you are refering to the logs on there server under Program Files\McAfee\ePO\3.6.1\DB\Logs I looked at the epoApSvr.log but I didn't get much from it in regards to software install. Main states agent wake call sucessful.

Edit: the weird thing is everything will install directly to the HBSS server with no problem but it will not install on the client.

Edit: I was thinking..I know to install the agent onto the computer I have to use an account that has rights (ex Active Directory Domain Admin account). I was wondering after the Agent 4.0 is installed does it need another other premissions to install the HIPS?

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HBSS Training

Hello Folks,

I am not military and I don't have a sponsor.

I am trying to get free HBSS training.

Any suggestions?


Aryan Guenthner
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Re: HBSS Training

Try this site and you will need to request an account.  They don't check your background, so....

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