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HIPS 7.0 best way to document firewall rules

I have a project to document all the various firewall rules we have in our HIPS product across all our policies applied to systems (long story there). Is there an easy way to do this rather than stare-and-copy into a spreadsheet of some sort? Part of the goal is to be able to comment on each rule and give reasons for why it exists and to better support the consolidation of many policies into fewer of them.

We use HIPS 7.0 and ePO 4.0 at the moment.

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Re: HIPS 7.0 best way to document firewall rules


Unfortunately there's no good way to do this.  The only export option out of ePO is an XML file, and that is less readable than looking at the policy.


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Re: HIPS 7.0 best way to document firewall rules

You can export the particular policy, it will give you an XML file from which you may be able to get some use if you are using a text editor, though it might be cryptic digging through it. I have been down the policy consolidation route, and lets just say that it isnt very easy, and you are better off just crafting your policies the right way the first time.