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HIPS 6.1 on epo 4.0

Hello All.

I have question.  Our company has recently rebuilt a epo 4.0 server and migrated all the clients off epo 3.6 to the 4.0 server. ( I know we are in the past)  In our migration we had also moved to HIPS to 7.0. on epo 4.0.

Is there a way I could check a HIPS 6.1 package into the new ePO 4.0 server so that we could have deployment tasks to uninstall HIPS 6.1 and push out 7.0  as well? 

I had set a deployment task to install hips 7.0, however some clients are not upgrading to 7.0.

I know HIPS 6.1 is EOL . Do you have any recommendation or best practice on how to migrate my clients to 7.0

Thank you in advance.

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Level 12

Re: HIPS 6.1 on epo 4.0

Not sure whether this belongs in our HIPs area or our ePO area, but HIPs won out.

Hopefully an expert can help you soon.

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McAfee Employee

Re: HIPS 6.1 on epo 4.0

Yes, you can check in the HIPS 6.1 package/extension into ePO 4.0, however as you mentioned, the product is EOL and no longer available.

The first thing I would do is try a local uninstall of HIPS 6.1 on the system via Add/Remove Programs (disable Host IPS module first, as usual).  If a local uninstall fails to uninstall the software, then a push of HIPS 7.0 install or a HIPS 6.1 uninstall deployment task is not going to work.  The software might be in a corrupted state, whereas you will have to manually uninstall HIPS 6.1 off the system, reboot it, and push HIPS 7.0 to it.

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