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HIPS 6.1 Pop-Up Alerts

We're running HIPS 6.1 patch 1.

Not too long ago, I created a test Firewall Rule that would mark a particular IP address as an intrusion. I've configured the Client UI section to pop-up a message if an intrusion occurs. As expected, I received the popups whenever the IP tried to make contact with my computer.

However, since then, I've de-installed and re-installed HIPS on this PC, and now I'm noticing that I'm no longer getting these pop-up messages, but the intrusions are being logged in the Activity Log section, so I know the rule is working.

Where on my PC can I find the Client UI settings for HIPS 6.1? I'm wondering if there's some remnant from an old install that's preventing this setting from taking? Or, does anyone have any other ideas why this might be happening?
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