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HIP 8.0 and Tivoli Storage Manager

Hello All,

I'm trying to figure out a problem with HIP 8.0, Tivoli Storage Manager Server, and Tivoli Storage Manager Agent. The servers (Win2k3 Enterprise) where the Tivoli agent connects to the TSM server for backup routines, HIP is not installed. On a couple of test servers with HIP installed, the Tivoli agent will not connect to the TSM server. I can uninstall the HIP agent and Tivoli works as intended. But I push the HIP agent back to the server, Tivoli stops working and no backups even though the server can ping the TSM server with no problems.

Here are what I have configured on the ePO server (4.5.6):

  1. HIP 8.0 General - I have set Tivoli under Trusted Applications and marked it trusted for IPS (All Platforms) and Firewall (Windows). Also, I have set all our VLANs in the Trusted Networks.
  2. HIP 8.0 Firewall - I have the Firewall setting set to Adaptive Mode and have set the all VLANs to be allowed as well as all ports required by Tivoli.
  3. HIP 8.0 IPS - I have IPS set to Adaptive Mode.

Is there anything else I need to configure to get Tivoli working with HIP? Has anyone else seen this problem? I need to have the HIP agent installed per IA STIGs and I need to have backups running per the contract with the customer.

Thanks in advanced!


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Re: HIP 8.0 and Tivoli Storage Manager

Can you do a test of the following:

1. Turn IPS Options policy to "Off"

2. Turn Firewall Options policy to "Off"

3. Try to reconnect the Tivoli agent, note the result

4. If the agent connects, try to isolate either the firewall or IPS portion of HIPS

5. If the agent fails to connect, I would open a ticket.

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Re: HIP 8.0 and Tivoli Storage Manager

Thanks for the reply and it didn't change a thing. I will be opening a ticket with support.

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