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Groupwise 6 for windows plus HIPS 7.0.833

We are rolling out the Mcafee HIPS software. So for it works good on our Win XP desktops but our Win 2003 servers are having a couple of issues.

We are using VirusScan 8.5 patch 6, Mcafee Agent 4.0.1180 and AntiSpyware
On our windows servers we run Groupwise for Windows version 6.5.7. The MTA seems to work but the POA errors out with a message "TCP/IP may not be configured" and then terminates. The MTA/POA are installed as a service.

The POA log files contain:
17:38:23 4B8
17:38:23 4B8 ************************* Initializing ************************
17:38:28 644 Checking guardian database
17:38:28 644 Guardian database: OK
17:38:29 4B8 Error opening dispatcher UDP port [8509]
17:38:29 4B8 Shutdown of Threads
17:38:29 4B8 Error Starting TCP/IP Agent: [8509]
17:38:37 4B8
<general info about the POA setup>
17:38:39 4B8 ************************Terminating*************************

I tried disabling the firewall and host/network intrusion prevention but this had no effect. I had to actually uninstall the HIPS software from the server before it would work. After doing this and rebooting it works normally.

Is there any way to fix this?
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RE: Groupwise 6 for windows plus HIPS 7.0.833

Please open an SR with support. There is some troubleshooting that needs to be done to determine what component is causing the issue.
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