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GetLastError = 21

I'm deploying HIPS to an environment and I'm running into an issue with 2 separate machines (on two different networks). Both machines report in the firesvc log file:

getLongPathName() - failed to get long path name. GetLastError = 21

And right after that it shows a application path that i defined in my rules. The application is installed on a separate drive, E. These 2 machines that are reporting this error dont have an E drive, so thats why its giving an error. The weird thing is that all of my other machines have this same policy and most of them (i'd say 75%) also dont have an E drive. Those ones work fine and dont report any errors.

I've split the policy and took out the entries with an E drive and applied it to the 2 machines with issues and they work fine. I would rather not do that.

Why are these 2 machines reporting this error when the rest work fine?

I'm using EPO 4.5 and HIPS (build 2239).



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