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GTI and HIPS 8.0

Has anyone been succesfully using HIPS 8.0 and the new feature to block Red sites in GTI?  It seems to work until the systems are on our network, I am assuming it has something to do with our Web Proxy....has anyone else had this issue?

Note: I also put in a product enhancement request to actually give a block page when HIPS 8.0 blocks something GTI related insted of a page cann't be displayed page.


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McAfee Employee

Re: GTI and HIPS 8.0

Host IPS 8.0 reviews the rating of the specific IP address behind the domain site, not the domain rating itself.  You can try testing some of the IP address ratings (Unverified is the lowest rating to test) by viewing the Top Spam Senders page; sort by Web Reputation.

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