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Firewall rules for Hotel configuration


We have deployed HIPS on our laptop.We use HIPS 8.x. I created several rules : The first is based on trusted network (the corporate network) and all traffic is allow when the laptop is connected on one of trusted network.

But when we want to go to Internet whith laptop when we are in hotel for exemple or airport, before to go to internet, we must ofen enter a login and pwd on an authentification web page ("captif portal). But this page is ofen based on 'exotic" port and not on 80 or 443 http port. So, if we have a rule to allow outgoing traffic on http port on 80 and 443, when the authentifcation based is not based on this port, the access is blocked.

Do you have an exemple of rules or cofiguration to HIPS to able to connect Internet from the laptop when we try to connect trought a portal in hotel or airport ?

Many thank's

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McAfee Employee

Re: Firewall rules for Hotel configuration

Normally, a timed group rule for hotel/airport/etc. access would need port 80 or 443 access, however, if the remote port is different/randomized/etc., you can instead write a firewall rule by application (e.g., Allow IE traffic out for any port for X number of minutes, instead of specifically port 80 or 443). 

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