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Exporting firewall ruleset policy for unmanaged machine


I have a machine that is not reachable from my EPO but that needs firewall protection.  I can install the HIPS firewall on it - is there a way to export the firewall ruleset policy from the EPO or from a managed machine so that it can be imported to the unmanaged machine and I don't have to build the ruleset by hand?

I think I have seen another thread that said the HIPS firewall rules are contained in the registry on managed machines (rather than a config file of some kind)- could I back up that registry key from a managed machine and restore it to the unmanaged machine?  Can anyone tell me where in the registry the rules are located?

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McAfee Employee

Re: Exporting firewall ruleset policy for unmanaged machine

It is not possible to import the Firewall rules locally to a system.  The HIPS configuration must be enforced by the McAfee Agent (and ePO server) as HIPS is an ePO-managed product only (it is not a standalone product).  Registry dumps will not work either.

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