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'Edge Traversal'/'Tunneling' & Host IPS

SCENARIO: We currently have a firewall rule in MS Win Vista Enterprise that reads as follows: | 'Name' = "Core Networking - Teredo (UDP-in)" | 'Group' = "Core Networking" | 'Profile' = "All" | 'Actiion' = "Allow" | 'Program' = "System" | 'Remote Add.' = "Any" | 'Protocol' = "UDP" | 'Local Port' = "Edge Traversal" | 'Remote Port' = "Any" |

QUESTION: On the understanding that Teredo gives full IPv6 connectivity for IPv6-capable hosts which are on an IPv4 Internet, how do we handle rules definition in McAfee Host IPS v8?  Our concern is that the whole concept of 'Edge Traversal' /'tunneling' of this type is counter-productive to Host IPS operations because it is a pseudo-interface.

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