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Do you recommend MHIPS?


I have recently become aware of Mcafee HIPS, and while I am not a fan of McAfee, There are precious few HIDS/HIPS on the market. Now, my intent is to use this in the home enviroment. Is MHIPS useable in a home enviroment or does one need the server and client configuration (not a gameender in and of itself, I can set up a server.), but can it provide protection for lets say a single PC.

My second question is, what are your opinions of MHIPS? Is it scalable, easy to use/administer? Have you taken a performance hit? Are alerts clean and easy to understand? Most of the posts that I see when I google it or look on the first page of the forum here are in reguards to MHIPS removal or serious issues with the product. Which does not bode well, symantic took a significant hit when their products became too difficult to remove and/or major issues. I want true, unbiased opinions, both from a corperate and home view.

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