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Deploying HIPS 8 with policies

Hi All

Are we able to deploy HIPS 8 with a set of HIPS 8 policies as part of a package when a device  needs to be built / rebuilt. I have gone through the HIPS 8 product guide and cannot find any refrence to this..

Many thanks in advanced


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McAfee Employee

Re: Deploying HIPS 8 with policies

HIPS 8.0 cannot be pre-configured, like HIPS 7.0 could (see KB50395), but you can install HIPS 8.0, configure a policy set via the McAfee Agent, and have the product and policies set for a gold image (see KB73908).

KB50395 - How to deploy Host IPS 7.0 with customized policies when an ePO server is not accessible

KB73908 - Host Intrusion Prevention 8.0 support for deployment via a system image

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