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Custom created firewall rules for Active Directory 2003


I am looking for firewall rules that I can import into my ruleset that will allow all the Active Directory communication between (servers and servers) and (servers and workstations).

We are busy migrating from a NT4 enviroment to AD and we still need the netbios over TCPIP and WINS traffic to be allowed as well.


EPO 4.5

HIPS 7 patch 6

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Re: Custom created firewall rules for Active Directory 2003

HIP 7 extension 7.0.4 should include a firewall rules template for "Typical Corporate Environment".

This will include a rules group for Windows AD Authentication.  You could use this as a baseline and run the firewall in adaptive mode on a couple of DCs to learn additional rules if needed.  A best practice is to have a consise firewall rule set, relying on the state table to handle return traffic for outgoing connections.

Also, Microsoft has several good articles:

How to configure a firewall for domains and trusts

Active Directory in Networks Segmented by Firewalls

Active Directory Replication over Firewalls

Configuring an Intranet Firewall

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