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Clients stop talking on the network

We have a problem that seems to be moving around our network. Amost randomly machines stop talking on the network. Not all connectivity is blocked, but you cannot ping the cilent and users experience problems with roaming profiles and accessing services. If you remove the system from the domain, you will not be able to rejoin it to the domain. It is like the firewall is suddenly locked down, but not for everything. We uninstall HIPS and the system returns to normal operation, reloads HIPS, and works normally with the existing policies. We generally do not see the same system have the problem again. We see in HIPS 8 that there is no Firewall quarantine. Is there an IPS quarantine that might be locking these systems down? We are running HIPS 8.0 and have seen this problem on both XP and Windows 7.  We generally see nothing in the logs when this happens that would explain the blocked traffic, but we are really only looking at event.log

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Re: Clients stop talking on the network

Try narrowing it down. Make 3 policies. 1) fw disabled 2 ) network ips disabeld 3) host ips disabled and test them next time you se the problem

Nb. You might want to do it directly on the client, since you got no contact Smiley Happy on 11/16/13 6:07:28 PM CST
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