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Can't remove HIPS from XP workstation

I am trying to remove HIPS from an XP workstation via ePO 4.0 and it will not remove.  I viewed the cmdagent log and in says the it had been removed. I can change from HIPS 7. to ver 6 successfully.  I remoted into the machine and there is nothing in the HIPS activity log.  I have un/reinstalled framepkg and McAfee 8.7 and still appears that is is there.  I see the Hips sheild on the desktop and ePO is reporting it is still installed.  Went to add/remove programs and don't see it there either.

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Re: Can't remove HIPS from XP workstation

You could check and see if the following registry key is still present:


If it is, copy the UninstallString value into Run.

If this does not work, you'll have to refer to thee HIP 7 manual uninstall doc.


If this is consistently reproducable, I would open a support ticket with McAfee support.

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