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Blocked Incoming Non-IP Protocol: 0x1a1

After restart or turn on the computer for first the application don't open, and in log I find the message (only this message, without complement)

For the second time the aplication opens normally.

Blocked Incoming Non-IP Protocol: 0x1a1

I'm developer, my application attributes:

- Delphi

- SQL Server (by zeos)

- The error its verified in workstation, not in server.

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Re: Blocked Incoming Non-IP Protocol: 0x1a1


if HIPS shows this you have two options.

1) you can configure the handling on non supported ip protocols. This can be enabled or disabled.

2) Configure a rule where you con figure an user defined protocol with the protocol number 0x1a1.

If you look for information information about protocol number 0x1a1 there are several useful links available.


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Re: Blocked Incoming Non-IP Protocol: 0x1a1

Moved from Security Awareness to EndPoint Security > Host Intrusion Prevention > Discussions for better assistance. If needed to be moved to (VSE) please apprise.



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