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Adaptive/Learn Mode in FW under Deny All Rule


I am running HIPS 8, and via the ePO, when I set the ePO FW to Adaptive Mode, Adaptive Mode is not being enabled due to the fact that the rule is being placed under the Deny All rule at the bottom.  (Please see screenshot).  How can I move this rule above the Deny All rule?  I don't see it in the actual firewall policy to move the rule up.

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Re: Adaptive/Learn Mode in FW under Deny All Rule

The DENY ALL rule is in your Firewall Rule policy; you'll need to remove/disable this rule.  You do not need a DENY ALL rule in the firewall rule policy, as the HIPS client will already include a rule that does this (see the BLOCK ALL TRAFFIC rule in your screenshot).  If you use a DENY ALL rule in your firewall rule policy, you cannot use Adaptive mode functionality because your DENY ALL rule will be processed before the Adaptive mode rule (rules are processed from TOP down).

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