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2012 SQL Servers Instances rolling every 24hrs

Hi everyone,

    I am currently having an issue with HIPS causing our 2012 SQL server cluster instances rolling(moving all users from one server to another) When I place those servers in adaptive mode this still happens but if I remove HIPS it stops rolling their instances. I see no events in the HIPS firelog that points me to anything that would be causing this. I did notice in the HipSheild log that just before the event of them rolling I have this :

k04-12 14:47:20.132 Error: 0x4,a5c4 UM failed to resolve service display name for \REGISTRY\MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\VOLSNAP, status 0xc0000001

I have no idea what this means, I have googled until google cant google anymore...can anyone decyper this for me?


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