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Yet another reason to uninstall Java

I found a link to this McAfee Blog post on Infosec Island on LinkedIn - another Java exploit to monitor and take over your PC.

IncognitoRAT is one example of a Java-based Trojan discovered in the wild that is being downloaded and installed by another component. This malware behaves like other Windows botnets but uses source code and libraries that can operate on other platforms.

This is especially dangerous if you have a webcam -

Freedom for Media Java: Open-source alternative to the official Java Media Framework; used by the malware to watch and record images from a remote webcam

Fortunately, this one is detected by McAfee - "McAfee products detect this malware in our latest DATs as JV/IncognitoRAT."

But there will be others.

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Re: Yet another reason to uninstall Java

Unfortunately I have to use Java for some games, and it's apart of pretty much every game I play.

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