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Wireless Security - 10 tips to secure your laptop

While these 10 tips shared in an Information Week article require some work, they will help ensure safety both at home and while on the road as well:

Wireless Security - 10 tips to secure your laptop

QUOTE: Whether you're home or on the road, these security steps will help protect you and your computer from wireless scoundrels:

1. Make sure you are connecting to the right network.
2. Secure your connection.
3. Use frequency settings that are different from others
4. Find the strongest signals
5. Turn off your wireless network adapter when you are on the plane
6. Use whole disk encryption on your laptop
7. If you are having trouble connecting to a network, trying rebooting Windows
8. Make sure you have a firewall and it is running
9. Pick your hotspot connection and your supplier carefully
10. Finally, don't blithely accept SSL certificates and SSH public keys
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Re: Wireless Security - 10 tips to secure your laptop

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