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Why is an online translator site blocked?

We receive many questions from users why an online translator site is blocked at their site because these sites are usually very helpful and seemingly harmless.  Actually different functions of the translator sites could present different risks.    

Online one-word/one-line translators are categorized as Education/Reference only as there are no apparent risks associated.   

Text Translator sites are categorized as Text Translators and may be blocked by many organizations.  These sites allow users to enter phrases or paragraphs which may be sensitive or even proprietary, to be translated online.  And this presents risks of data leakage - risks of the sensitive data going outside your secured network area.    

Web page translators present different types of risks and are categorized as Anonymizer Utilities.  When you enter a URL on the web page translator site, you can actually view the translated web site through the web translator, even a blocked website.  This is because the web translator sites function like an anonymizer site.  So sites that are not designed to bypass filtering software but works that way in order to achieve their purpose meet our Anonymizer Utilities category definition.  For this reason, most organizations block this category.

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